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#1 CPR Training Courses In The UK

Introducing I training

I training Offers Quality CPR and Clinical Skill Training




Tracheostomy Care


Non-invasive Ventilation

Accredited Courses

Expert Instructors

Modern Facilities

Glimpse Of Our CPR Training

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About I training

Welcome to itraining, a leading clinical training institution dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their careers. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for education, we have been shaping the future of healthcare since [Year Established]. Our state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and industry connections make us the first choice for aspiring clinicians.

Feel free to connect with us over chat and call - +44 07900801064 or drop an email at

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Testimonials That Inspire

View For Yourself

Olivia Turner

I attended a CPR training course with Mike and found him to be very informative, friendly, and professional. He created a calm and relaxed environment and delivered the course in a way that was easy to understand

James Wilson

Mike was an excellent trainer, making the CPR training course enjoyable and positive. I was nervous to learn as it had been years ago, but she provided great information and made the experience enjoyable. 

Emily Brown

I recently attended a CPR training course with Mike and found it to be highly informative. The course provided excellent opportunities to practice CPR techniques and bandaging skills. I feel much more confident in my ability to respond to an emergency situation now. 

I training Is Devoted To Providing High-quality CPR And Clinical Training In London

Without iTraining

        Traditional Classroom Experience

         Fixed Schedule

         Limited Access to Resources

         Less Interactive Learning


With iTraining

       Interactive Learning Experiences

       Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

       Progress Tracking

       Engaging Multimedia Resources

Umm, Why I training?

Practical Training: Gain hands-on experience that prepares you for real-world clinical scenarios​

Accreditation: Our courses are accredited and recognized for their quality and excellence.
Competitive Pricing: Affordable tuition fees make quality clinical education accessible to all.

Expert Faculty: Our experienced instructors are leaders in their fields, ensuring you receive top-notch training.

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Other I training Courses

CPR Training

Life-saving techniques taught.

Hands-on practice and simulations.

Rapid response in emergencies.

Tracheostomy Care.webp
Tracheostomy Care

Specialized airway maintenance.

Infection prevention and hygiene.

Patient comfort and safety.


Expert IV line placement.

Maintain proper fluid access.

Reduce patient anxiety.


Precise blood sample collection.

Skilled needle insertion technique.

Minimize patient discomfort.

Non-invasive Ventilation.jpg
Non-invasive Ventilation

Respiratory support without intubation.

Improve oxygenation and ventilation.

Comfortable and non-invasive approach.

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Contact Us

CPR Training Courses


Phone number - +44 07900801064

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