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IV Cannulation (Peripheral)

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Course Date:


Course Aim:

Course content:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Peripheral Veins

  • Legal and Professional Responsibilities

  • Infection Control Considerations

  • Indications of Contra-indications of Cannulation

  • Management of Adverse Reactions

  • Management of Needle Phobias

  • Choosing the right Veins

  • Equipment Required and Patient Preparations

  • Types of IV Cannulas

  • Correct Sizing of the Cannulas

  • Correct IV Dressings Application

  • Inserting Techniques

  • Step by step insertion of the IV Cannula

  • Flushing and Securing the Cannula

  • Connecting Extensions and Non-Return Valve

  • VIP Scoring System and Site Management

  • Documentation and Record keeping

  • Practical Skills Demonstration (using a hand manikin)

  • Competency Assessment

Learning outcome:

This course enable the attendees to understand the concept of inserting IV peripheral cannula and develop skills their skills safely.

Who is suitable to attend:

Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, HCAs, Nurse Associate and other Allied Healthcare Professionals

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