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Adult Tracheostomy Care and Emergency Management

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Course Date:


Course Aim:

To develop skills and understanding in caring for a patient with tracheostomy tube in hospital, care home, hospice, and community settings.

Course content:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the trachea and respiratory system

  • Legal and Professional Issues

  • Infection Control and Prevention

  • Types of tracheostomy tubes

  • Suctioning technique (oral and tracheal)

  • Changing Inner Tube

  • Checking the cuff pressure

  • Nebulisation and oxygen therapy

  • Dressing and tie changing

  • Communication strategies

  • Humidification technique

  • Changing the tracheostomy tube

  • Psychological Issues

  • Patient Assessment with airway issues

  • Understanding emergency equipment

  • Emergency Algorithm

  • Emergency changing of the tracheostomy tube

  • Practical demonstration of skills (with scenario)

Learning outcome:

To demonstrate minimum skills required to care for an adult client/patient with tracheostomy tube.

Who is suitable to attend:

Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, HCAs, Carers

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